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Quality Policy of BIG TOR

Quality Policy

            The mission of BIG TOR is development achieved through better fulfilment
of customer needs related to joinery products. Our objective is to become a leading company ensuring a base for the success of our customers. We fulfil our market aims and the development strategy maintaining such values as fairness and ethics in business as well as reliability and integrity.

            The Quality Management System of BIG TOR involves maintenance and development through supervision over documentation and management system records, process monitoring, provision of internal audits including corrective and precautionary actions as well as preparation of data for management inspections. In the quality policy, we take
a comprehensive approach towards our company, suppliers and customers, treating the quality as anything around that can be improved. The basis of the system is fulfilment of internal and external requirements, starting from compliance of the processes with reference documents, an order form, through applicable standards and legal requirements, ending up with the pursuit of meeting these expectations at a competitive level. The final objective is to meet customers’ demands and make sure that they receive what they expect when placing a specific order at a specific price.  

          The Management Board is responsible for securing required resources necessary

to follow our quality policy, maintain and improve the quality management system.

These essential resources include:

*      team; competent and qualified personnel;

*     production equipment, materials, components and third party services;

*      system documentation: procedures, manuals, technological documentation;

*     financial liquidity for possible implementation of the quality policy and assurance
of an appropriate process level.  

Pro-quality activities:

*     customer concern, building relationships, diagnosing and meeting their demands;

*      analysing our products, improving their quality and functionality;

*      improving the effectiveness of our logistics and production;

*     improving the effectiveness of the processes in the organisation.

 Pursuant to our policy, BIG TOR undertakes to meet the requirements of the Quality Management System as per ISO 9001, while following the principle of continuous improvement.

 The Company’s Management Board declares that the principles of this policy are implemented, understood and observed by all the employees.

BIG TOR spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością - spółka komandytowa ul. Przemysłowa 8H, 85-768 Bydgoszcz,
Nr tel. (52) 345 28 82,
e-mail: handel@bigtor.pl