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About us

BIG TOR is the most experienced sectional door manufacturer. Our mission is constant development achieved through better fulfilment of customer needs related to joinery products. Since 1996 we have been manufacturing industrial and garage doors, as well as a wide range of products within hard and soft joinery fasteners that determine the best quality trends in the field of door technology and loading systems.

Today BIG TOR offers sectional industrial doors, sectional garage doors, as well as roll-up doors and grilles, folding doors, swinging doors and industrial curtains. We also make high-speed doors, dock levellers, dock shelters, and a wide range of door automation products.

BIG TOR doors are manufactured in Poland. Many years of experience, reliable production team, and carefully selected supply sources of components that meet the strict safety requirements and quality standards applicable in EU countries guarantee the hight quality of BIG TOR doors.

Advanced technology and know-how we use allow us to offer doors, grilles, and other door and loading technology products of such high quality and durability. In order to meet the highest customer service standard and achieve customer satisfaction from BIG TOR doors and other equipment throughout their entire service life, both BIG TOR door technology and loading systems are available for sale through highly specialised and reliable sales and service companies. Local sales partners of BIG TOR are more than just objective experts in optimising the choice of appropriate sectional or roll-up door, proper dock shelter or the right dock leveller for specific purposes. It is the local sales partners of BIG TOR that guarantee that the manufacturer’s prices are maintained and offer reliable installation and maintenance services for sectional doors and other equipment throughout their entire service life. Furthermore, a considerable advantage of such an offer of doors and loading bays are easily available and inexpensive spare parts; thus an unfortunate collision of a forklift truck with an industrial door or insulated garage door in an industrial facility or a detached house that is situated in the most remote part of the country does not have to mean a long waiting period for ridiculously expensive spare parts.

Our industrial and garage doors, and door and loading systems in general, which have been used intensively for many years are the best evidence of quality, reliability, and durability. BIG TOR, as an ambitious manufacturer, makes every effort to improve and develop its products within door technology and loading systems so that they fully meet the ever higher customer expectations.

Aware of the high quality of their sectional doors and other door and loading technology products, the BIG TOR team is proud to release every product under their name, while all the certificates and approvals guarantee that BIG TOR manufactures goods compliant with construction industry requirements.

BIG TOR spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością - spółka komandytowa ul. Przemysłowa 8H, 85-768 Bydgoszcz,
Nr tel. (52) 345 28 82,
e-mail: handel@bigtor.pl